Joyce Slick

An enthusiastic student of art ...

I have been an enthusiastic student of art since I got my first box of Prang watercolors at the age of 4.

Some of my more recent paintings are of places in the County that have the most interest for me in Marin’s cobalt blue twilight. Night scenes of cities, neon lights, the way street lights cameo small scenes and lights shining from windows, transient and mysterious, capture my imagination. I love Movies. It saddens me to see movie houses relegated to shopping centers not a speck of neon to be seen. I like to see people enjoying themselves at restaurants, clubs, pizza parlors, any place, after the days work is done. I try to capture that sense of fun and pleasure in my paintings.

In the portrait work I try to make manifest a sense of the personality of the sitter with color. I frequently leave a halo surrounding the figure which seems to me like an aura. I have been fascinated with the Radiation Field Photography that has been done in recent years and I try to capture that Kirlian effect matching the sitters aura with the colors I see. I like to garden and I love nature. The flowers and landscapes are an expression of that love.

Dinner and a Movie Series
They say "paint what you love". For the last few years I have been painting a series of Movie houses and places to eat. Movies and food, two things I like a lot. An hour or two of vicarious living away from the every day world and something good to eat: bliss.

When I was 3 or 4 my big brother took me to my first Saturday matinees. Afternoons of hilarity with Charlie Chaplin and Keystone Kops and a series of "Perils of Pauline", no wonder I grew up with an insatiable love of movies.
See these paintings.

Angel Paintings
The Angel Painting is one of a series of 10 paintings I did in response to my daughters death on Sept. ll, 1992. It is painted in Acrylic. The metallic and reflective colors I used do not print true and these prints are hand embellished.
See these paintings.

Artist Background

Joyce Slick Born: Boone, Iowa, Many years ago
    - Acrylic workshop: Kathleen Elsey workshops, Santa Rosa, Oct. 2000
    - College of Marin, Indian Valley Campus, Oil Painting w/ Kent Rupp, 1999-2001
    - Semester in Paris through Santa Rosa Jr. College, Feb. 1999
    - Academy of Art, Auckland, New Zealand, 1980
    - San Miguel de Allende, Mexico; Silk Screen Printmaking, 1981
    - Sonoma State University, Elementary Teaching Credential, 1973
    - Sonoma State University, Bachelor of Arts in Drawing and Painting, 1971
    - Tokyo, Japan: Wood block printing, 1961
    - Museum Art School, Portland, Oregon, 1952
    - University of Oregon, Eugene, Oregon, 1951
    - Oregon State University, Corvallis, Oregon, 1954